STTS SPark Plus- BIPV carport system

SCAP PLUS is a mounting system that combines a garage with photovoltaics. The program uses high-strength aluminum 6005-T5 as the material, making full use of the floor space to provide structural waterproof shielding. China BIPV garage system manufacturer. China wholesale BIPV garage system. BIPV garage system procurement. BIPV China's BIPV garage system. For any inquiry, please email :

STTS SPark Plus- BIPV carport system

STTSS Park  Plus is a mounting system combined carport and photovoltaic. This self-developed carport solution takes high strength aluminum 6005-T5 as material, and can both make full use of overground space and provide a  structural waterproof shelter.

· Advantages·

1. Structural waterproof:

(1) The self-developed water diversion system on latitudinal and longitudinal directions can ensure 100% structurally watertight;

(2) No adhesive, i.e. the replacement and maintenance of solar modules more convenient; 

(3) No rubber seal, i.e. no leakage caused by weathering.

2. Easy to install:

(1) The accessories based on modular design are convenient to install;

(2) No cutting or welding on project site;

(3) By the base plates, this mounting system can be adjusted to rectify deviation caused during installation.

3. Stable structure:

(1) The system is made of high strength aluminum alloy 6005-T5;

(2) Its structural strength would be calculated to ensure safety and stability;

(3)Its surface is anodized to prevent corrosion and resist the weather for more than 25 years.

4. Compatible with lightning protection and grounding systems

(1) All primary and secondary rails are connected and earthed to avoid lightning;

· Technical data·

Installation site : GroundFoundation:Concrete
Inclination angle:0-20°Ground clearance:2m~2.5m
Design wind speed:60m/s  Design snow depth:150cm
Module type:FramedOrientation of solar module:Landscape / portrait  
Design standard:GB50009-2012;DIN1055;JIS C8955:2017;AS/NZS1170; BS6399;ASCE7-10
Structural member:AL6005-T5 (anodized coating ≥ 10 microns averagely)
Accessories:AL6005-T5 (anodized coating ≥ 10 microns averagely)
Fastener:Stainless steel SUS304Warranty:15 years

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